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Firstly, I would like to say a huge THANK YOU for supporting me as an adventure travel blogger and content creator of free travel guides from destinations around the world.

The following websites are sites that I use myself to book accommodation, flights and purchase travel gear that I personally recommend you use. I would never advertise a service that I don’t believe in.

By clicking through any of the links below and proceeding to book your hotel, flights or making a purchase with Amazon, I will make a small commission ranging from 3% to 8%. You will pay the same amount as if you had visited the site directly. 

These affiliate partnerships are one of the main sources of income for me to be able to travel for longer and to create more free travel guides to help you plan your next adventure!

Once again, thank you for your continued support.


Amazon is the place I buy all of my camera gear and travel accessories. A tip when using Amazon is to check out the refurbished or used section. Look for a power seller with a great reputation to find gear that is lightly used for a much cheaper cost than brand new.

For all your electronics and travel accessories click HERE.


When I travel I use Booking.com to book hostels, homestays and hotels along the way. I filter the properties from the cheapest to most expensive and then look for the cheapest place that has good reviews from recent guests. The best part with Booking.com is that you don’t pay until you arrive at the property and payment is in local currency.

For accommodation whether it’s budget hostels or luxury hotels click HERE.


Hotels Combined is another booking service I use that combines all the online booking sites and compares the best prices. It is the most comprehensive search of hotels on the internet and has more listings than Booking.com

To book your accommodation on Hotels Combined click HERE.


I use SiteGround as my blog host for storing my websites data, files and photos, as well ass keeping my blog secure and up to speed.

For a great discount when signing up to SiteGround click HERE.


SkyScanner is my go to website to book majority of my flights. SkyScanner combines all flight booking platforms to search for the cheapest available flights. The best way to use SkyScanner is to pick your origin and destination and then look for the cheapest flight in that month. This way you can fly on the cheapest possible date.

To book your next domestic or international flights click HERE.


Occasionally I use AirBnB to book a place from anywhere between one night to one month. In some places around the world the cost for an AirBnb is the same as the cost of a hostel. You will you get your own private room and bathroom when staying at an AirBnB, as opposed to staying in a dorm room with a shared bathroom at a hostel.

To receive a $20 credit off your first booking on AirBnB click HERE.