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Living In Bali – Top Things To Do. After months of travelling Europe I am now based and living in Bali. It is easily one of my favourite islands in Indonesia! Since the first time I visited in 2009 to now living here indefinitely, I am still drawn towards the Island of the Gods. It’s the deeply spiritual and unique culture, the volcanic landscapes, countless waterfalls, rugged cliff faces, sandy beaches and iconic rice terraces that holds a special place in my soul. Bali really is a slice of paradise on Earth. 

A Day In The Life 

I begin most days by throwing my surfboard into the racks of my scooter and riding down to Canggu beach to check the surf. Canggu is my favourite spot in Bali purely because of the renowned surf breaks, countless health cafe’s, yoga studios and a chill atmosphere! As a solo traveller you will have no problems making new friends, as majority of people that hang out here are open and like-minded. 

My happy place has always been the ocean and if I’m not within driving distance to the big blue I tend to freak out just a little hahaha.  When I am surfing I feel a sense of clarity, it almost seems as though time is endless out here and having nowhere to be but everything to see is how I like to approach each day. 

After a long session in the surf I enjoy sipping on a fresh cold coconut and indulging on a plate of nasi goreng all for just $4 (so cheap). Canggu has many beach side warungs to chill on the beanbags or read a book under the umbrella beds. My personal favourite spot is Sand Bar for cold beer and epic sunset views!

I usually head back to my villa in the afternoons to cool off in the pool and spend a few hours working on my projects. I also enjoy doing a one hour solo yoga practise to keep up a steady level of fitness! I must admit, it is quite nice to have my own personal space away from all the hype, even if it is only for a few hours. 

Canggu in the night has lots going on and a great way to meet new people! On occasion I like to head out to the less crowded spots such as Deus Temple, Luigis Pizza, Pablos or even a random Mini Mart where I can actually have a conversation with someone without having to yell. For those that enjoy the crowds and a solid Dj set your best pick would be Old Man’s on a Wednesday or Saturday night. 

My Most Recent Adventures

Earlier this week I went on a sunrise mission to the far reaches of the island. At 3 o’clock in the morning I met up with some new friends that I met via Instagram, Oliver, Taylan and Lena. The 2.5hr long ride took us high in to the mountains, battling freezing temps and twisting roads. I was so cold I remember wishing for the the sun to rise to warm me up but at the same time not to rise just yet so we could get to the spot at the opportune time. I was amazed at the number of locals that were wide awake at this hour, going about their daily hustle and bustle at the village food markets. We arrived to the top of the cliffs in Pinggan Village, far north Bali, as the first rays of sun were beaming through the valley illuminating the fields below. The 3 major volcanoes, Mt. Agung, Mt. Batur and Kintamani stood proud in the distance. This was one of my most memorable sunrises to date! 

We then made tracks to a nearby waterfall called Nungnung. I trusted Lena to take the pilot seat while I happily sat on the back of the bike and for once I was able to enjoy the surrounding landscapes, even though she drove a hundred miles an hour haha! We arrived to the carpark and the entrance to the falls, parked our bikes and took the steep climb down which seemed like 1000 steps, but it sure was worth the hike! With only a few other travellers there, we practically had the whole place to ourselves. The thundering falls echoed through the valley and a thick mist filled the air! The water was fresh and it was rewarding to cool off after a big morning of adventuring. It was a solid effort from us all to make it back up the stairs to our bikes as we were all so exhausted and couldn’t wait to get back to our villas for an afternoon snooze!

Another waterfall, why not! I was off on an epic day trip with some people I yet again met via Instagram, Jackson, Jorden, Taylan and Oliver. We rode north for 2 hours to a lesser known waterfall that was hidden deep in the forest nearby to Bunutin Village. This place was super cool as the way down is a dusty cows track and there was not a soul insight! We spent 3-4 hours enjoying the falls under the hot sun.

A day trip to Uluwatu is always high on my list for a great day in the sun! It takes me an hour to ride out there from Canggu and I always love to stop in at Padang Padang beach for a surf or a snorkel. This rugged coastline has some of the best waves Bali has to offer and the infrastructure in the cliffside is very impressive. The Uluwatu temple is a must see attraction but be careful of the monkeys, they can be cunning when your back is turned and will try to take the hat off your head.

Another favourite spot of mine that is not so secret anymore is Nyang Nyang beach. A short ride further around the Uluwatu peninsula will bring you to a deserted beach and rocky cliffs. It is now a popular spot for hang gliders to throw themselves over the edge and land on the sand below.

These are only a handful of adventures I tend to embark on when I am in Bali. The island has so much to offer and I intend to spend more time here to explore the unscathed areas and the cultural villages in between. I look forward to sharing with you all any new experiences and adventures I have in the near future! 

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