A day trip to Sugba Lagoon was one of the top highlights during my 2-week adventures in Siargao. The Sugba Lagoon is a popular Siargao tourist spot that offers an unforgettable experience at one of the bluest lagoons I have ever seen!

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Sugba Lagoon Siargao is located on Caob Island, a short 20-minute boat ride from Del Carmen, the main city in Siargao. The drive from General Luna to Del Carmen is approximately 45-minutes.

There are 2 options to get to Sugba Lagoon from General Luna:

Option #1

In General Luna, you can book a tour via your accommodation or private tour operators to go from General Luna to Sugba Lagoon. This includes return transport from General Luna to Del Carmen and a return boat transfer from the Del Carmen pier to Sugba Lagoon. This option will cost you around 1500 pesos per person.

Option #2

The cheaper option, the way my friends and I went, is to find your own way from General Luna to Del Carmen on a scooter. When you arrive at the Del Carmen pier there is a ticket office with a set price of 1500 pesos for the entrance fee and the boat transfer to Sugba Lagoon. The boat can fit up to 6 passengers, meaning you can split the cost of the boat. My best advice would be to gather some people in General Luna to join you in advance or alternatively,  head to the Del Carmen pier and find a group of people with a spare spot on their boat.

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sugba lagoon, sugba lagoon siargao, sugba lagoon del carmenSugba Lagoon Siargao


We arrived at Del Carmen pier at 6am hoping to get the first boat over to Sugba Lagoon. Little did we know that the Sugba Lagoon does not open until 8am Monday – Sunday. With 2-hours to kill, we found a local restaurant close to the pier and perched up for some coffee and breakfast. On the upside, at 8am sharp, we were the first in line at the Del Carmen pier to purchase our tickets for the boat ride over to Sugba Lagoon.

The longtail boat over to Sugba Lagoon Siargao zig-zags in and out of the mangroves and the journey takes approximately 20-minutes. You’ll know when you have arrived when you see a big sign reading ‘Welcome to Sugba Lagoon’  at the entrance to the cove.

We were the first boat to arrive at Sugba Lagoon and we knew we had to be quick to get some photos jumping off the diving board before the crowds started rolling in. There is a floating pontoon house in the middle of Sugba Lagoon which is a base to leave your bags safely and go swimming. We rented a table for 50 pesos and left our bags there while we were off exploring the Sugba Lagoon.

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sugba lagoon, sugba lagoon siargao, sugba lagoon del carmenDiving head first into Sugba Lagoon Siargao Island

sugba lagoon, sugba lagoon siargao, sugba lagoon del carmenJake and Jade tandem jumping at Sugba Lagoon

sugba lagoon, sugba lagoon siargao, sugba lagoon del carmenDrone shot of Sugba Lagoon


Jake, Jade and I took turns in throwing ourselves off the diving board into Sugba Lagoon. More boats started to arrive and suddenly there was a queue for the diving board. However,  the diving board is not the only point of interest at Sugba Lagoon, there are still a number of other water activities to try. You can rent out kayaks, stand-up paddle boards and bamboo rafts for as little as 300 pesos per hour.

As the floating house can only accommodate 100 or so people at a time, there is a 3-hour time limit to spend at Sugba Lagoon. This is to allow for groups of people arriving and departing throughout the day.

There is no food or water available to buy at Sugba Lagoon so make sure to pack a lunch before heading over from Siargao.

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sugba lagoon, sugba lagoon siargao, sugba lagoon del carmenBamboo raft at Sugba Lagoon Siargao

sugba lagoon, sugba lagoon siargao, sugba lagoon del carmenDrone shot of Sugba Lagoon

sugba lagoon, sugba lagoon siargao, sugba lagoon del carmenThe floating house at Sugba Lagoon Siargao


Our boat returned to pick us up from the floating pier at Sugba Lagoon and we jumped back on board. I asked our captain if he could take us to a nearby sandbar at Kawhagan Island. He didn’t hesitate to say yes but we did have to pay an additional 500 pesos for the island hopping, which we agreed was a cheap and fair price.

The boat journey from Sugba Lagoon to Kawhagan Island takes around 20-minutes and our captain beached the boat on the sandbar on arrival. We had this spot to ourselves for an hour before some other groups arrived at Kawhagan Island for lunch. The glistening white sandbar is completely exposed on low-tide and there is a small wooden hut to hang out in. There is a small local restaurant on Kawhagan Island selling traditional Filipino dishes such as pork adobo and grilled fish with rice for as little as 350 pesos. Drinks and snacks are also available.

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kawhagan islandThe sandbar at Kawhagan Island

kawhagan islandHanging in the wooden hut on Kawhagan island

kawhagan islandDrone shot of Kawhagan island


General Luna is the place to be when it comes to visiting Siargao and I based myself at the Secret Spot Siargao Hostel.

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I hope you enjoyed reading this article and if you have any questions about Sugba Lagoon please leave me a comment below!

Happy Adventuring ?


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