“Jonny Melon, the adventure enthusiast & photographer, was a bystander when my new Fiancé, Ryan Mooney, proposed to me at the Scarabeo Camp outside Marrakech, Morocco. Aside from introducing himself and offering his genuine congratulations right after the moment had played out, he told us that he had quickly captured the moment on film from the offsetting table; I was so happy, but to make it even more exciting, he proactively offered us a personalized professional photo shoot the next morning around the camp. My heart dropped, I could not have been more appreciative and excited to capture this life lasting special event, in the moments shortly after my engagement while emotions were still fresh. Jonny was the absolute kindest soul to meet, as he was genuinely happy for us, and did unbelievable work out of the goodness of his heart. Jonny made us feel so comfortable and effortless in front of the camera and he provided the edited images within half a day after taking the photos so we could share them with our family when we broke the news of our engagement. We owe Jonny Melon a heartfelt thank you, so feel excellent to provide this testimonial to highly recommend his work; it’s not often that you are fortunate to meet such good, kind, and generous people when travelling, so his friendship is something that I will hold dearly for a long time, not to mention his stunning photos of our special day. Jonny is truly talented!”
– Breanna Mooney