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I have traveled from Cebu to Bohol on a number of occasions and it’s one of my favorite destinations in the Philippines!

Bohol Island offers a mecca of adventures such as waterfalls, beaches, cave pools, cliff jumping, island hopping and of course, the famous Chocolate Hills – it really would be a crime not to visit!

The most common way to reach Bohol is the Cebu to Bohol ferry, but that’s not the only way…

In this guide, I’m going to hook you up with all the ways on how to get to Bohol including all different locations and modes of transport. There’s so much to do once you’re there, you really want your transit to be as quick and simple as possible.



Here is an overview of what you will find in this How To Get To Bohol Travel Guide:

  • Cebu to Bohol
  • Siquijor to Bohol
  • Dumaguete to Bohol
  • Camiguin to Bohol
  • Where to stay in Bohol
  • Getting around Bohol



First, let’s talk about how to get from Cebu to Bohol.

There are two ways of how to get to Bohol from Cebu, one is by plane and the other is the Cebu to Bohol ferry.

With Bohol being one of the many islands in the Philippines surrounded by other islands, it makes transport to and from the island a lot easier.

I’m going to break it down to both ferry and plane, giving you the main tips for both forms of transport, for you to decide which one suits you best.


Let’s kick things off with the Cebu to Bohol ferry:

The Cebu to Bohol ferry service runs daily from 5am – 7pm going and it’s the fast craft from Cebu to Tagbilaran in Bohol. The ferry departs from Cebu Pier 1 Ferry Terminal.

Cebu to Bohol ferry journey takes approximately 2.5 hours and the Cebu to Bohol fare is around 600 pesos. There is also an additional 25 pesos per person terminal fee that must be paid on the day of travel.

My advice is to book the Cebu to Bohol ferry online in advance on This will save you time and money on the day of travel.

Once you’ve booked your Cebu to Bohol ticket online, on the day of travel head directly to Cebu Pier 1 Ferry Terminal at least 30 minutes before travel and present your ticket number at the check-in desk so they can issue you with a seat number.

Get your ticket → Cebu to Bohol ferry

There are both fast and slow ferries from Cebu to Bohol which vary in price, per provider. Travel on the Cebu to Bohol ferry is dependent on weather conditions and can sometimes be canceled on the day.

If you have the time to spend on the ferry, I would highly recommend booking a ticket and enjoying the journey. It’s a great way to take in the atmosphere and enjoy your transfer over from Cebu to Bohol.

The Cebu to Bohol ferry has air conditioning, male/female toilets and it’s also possible to buy snacks and drinks on board. 

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ferryCebu to Bohol – Image Source: Klook

panglao beach, panglao beach bohol, best bohol beaches, best beaches in bohol, bohol beachesPanglao Beach – Cebu to Bohol



If you are taking the Cebu to Bohol ferry you will arrive at Tagbilaran Port on the southwest coast of Bohol Island.

See below for the best ways to get from Tagbilaran to Panglao (main tourist hub in West Bohol) and from Tagbilaran to Anda (main tourist hub in East Bohol).

Get your ticket → Cebu to Bohol ferry


From Tagbilaran to Panglao, you have the option of taking a shared minivan, private taxi, public bus or tricycle.

The cheapest option is to take a tricycle from Tagbilaran Port to Dao Bus terminal in Tagbilaran City for 30 pesos. From there you can take the public bus to Alona Beach in Panglao which costs around 50-100 pesos.

A shared minivan transfer from Tagbilaran Port to the doorstep of your hotel in Panglao is another great option for only 300 pesos.

Book Now → Shared minivan from Tagbilaran to Panglao

Tricycle rides from Tagbilaran to Panglao cost around 200-300 pesos depending on your bartering skills. I don’t recommend this option because long rides in a tricycle are very uncomfortable.

A private taxi from Tagbilaran to Panglao costs around 700 pesos.


From Tagbilaran Port to Anda, you have the option of taking a private taxi, public bus or shared minivan.

The cheapest option is to take a tricycle from Tagbilaran Port to Dao Bus terminal in Tagbilaran City for 30 pesos. From there you can take the public bus to Anda which costs around 110 pesos.

Minivans are another cheap option to reach Anda for as little as 120 pesos though it can get quite claustrophobic as they try to fit as many people in the vans as possible.

A private taxi from Tagbilaran to Anda costs around 3000 pesos.

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white beach anda, best beaches in bohol, bohol beaches, things to do in andaWhite Beach Anda – Cebu to Bohol



Let’s talk about how to get to Bohol by plane:

There are daily flights to Bohol, welcoming both domestic and international travelers to the island. The main airport on Bohol is Panglao International Airport located on Panglao Island in the south-west corner of Bohol.

Search All ∼ Flights to Bohol on

To get from Panglao Airport to your accommodation in the Panglao area, it’s best to grab a taxi, a shared van, private van or take the more unusual approach and hop on a tricycle.

From Panglao Airport to the main tourist area of Panglao it’s no more than a 10 to 15-minute drive.

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plane e1574795751823Cebu to Bohol By Plane



Although simple enough to arrive in Bohol by plane, my more recommended mode of transport when looking at how to go to Bohol from Cebu would definitely be the Cebu to Bohol ferry service.

With more regular and interesting travel options, the ferry service is the more popular way of getting from Cebu to Bohol.

2 very different ways of traveling over from Cebu to Bohol, catering to the very different types of travelers out there. Either way, you’re in for a treat when you land on the island of Bohol.

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If you happen to be on the tiny island of Siquijor, south of Bohol, then don’t worry because there are still ways to get directly from Siquijor to Bohol. Typical with many island regions in Asia, the ferry is the main form of transport.

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A daily ferry departs from Larena Port in Siquijor at 12:30 pm and takes you to Tagbilaran Port in Bohol. There is just 1 ferry a day to take you from Siquijor to Bohol.

The ferry from Siquijor to Bohol takes approximately 1.5 hours and costs around 850 pesos, with the additional terminal fee of 20 pesos.

I would again recommend booking your ticket online in advance with Klook to get the best rates and to avoid any hold-ups on the day of travel.

The journey from Siquijor to Bohol is relatively simple, providing you’re not stuck for time. With there just being the 1 ferry a day, you really do have to plan your time around the limited service.

The Siquijor to Bohol ferry has air conditioning, male/female toilets and it’s also possible to buy snacks and drinks on board. 

Get your ticket → Siquijor to Bohol ferry

ferry 2Siquijor to Bohol – Image Source: Klook

paliton beach, paliton beach in siquijor, paliton beach siquijor, siquijor beachesPaliton Beach Siquijor



Now let’s talk about how you can get from Dumaguete to Bohol. Dumaguete is located on the southeast coast of Negros Island.

The only mode of transport between Dumaguete and Bohol is a ferry.

There are only 2 ferry services a day, from Dumaguete to Bohol. Both of them take you to the port of Tagbilaran, on the southwest coast of Bohol.

The duration of travel on the ferry from Dumaguete to Bohol is approximately 2 hours, dependent on weather.

The two, daily services run at 9:50 am and then again at 2:30 pm. The ferry service costs around 800 pesos.

The location of departure is at the Dumaguete Port. Upon arrival, head to the passenger terminal ready to board the ferry from Dumaguete to Bohol.

The Dumaguete to Bohol ferry has air conditioning, male/female toilets and it’s also possible to buy snacks and drinks on board. 

Get your ticket → Dumaguete to Bohol ferry

dumaguete tourist spots, things to do in dumaguete, what to see in dumaguete, dumaguete, rizal boulevard, dumaguete itineraryDumaguete to Bohol



Camiguin Island in the Philippines is a tropical paradise offering a mecca of things to do including epic waterfalls, volcanic hot springs, historical landmarks, island hopping, snorkeling and hiking!

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Once you’re done there and ready to move on, Bohol should be next on the destination list. So without further ado, let me show you how to get from Camiguin to Bohol in the simplest way possible.



The most common route is the ferry from Camiguin to Bohol, taking approximately 3 to 4 hours and costing 425 pesos per person. There is also an additional municipal service fee of 10 pesos and the terminal fee of 15 pesos upon arrival.

There is only 1 ferry service per day leaving the Balbagon Ferry Terminal in Camiguin and arriving at the Jagna Ferry Terminal in East Bohol. The ferry departs from Camiguin at 8:00 am and arrives at Jagna Port at 12:00pm.

The name of the ferry service to look out for is Super Shuttle Ferry and you can purchase your tickets at the terminal at least one hour before departure.

Some websites claim Fastcat runs a 2 hour and 45 minute ferry for this route, but when I was there it wasn’t in operation so don’t rely on this service.

The Camiguin to Bohol ferry has air conditioning, male/female toilets and it’s also possible to buy snacks and drinks on board. 


When you arrive at Jagna Port in East Bohol, you can either take a shared minivan from Jagna to Panglao which costs 100 pesos, take a public bus which costs 60 pesos or jump in a private car or taxi which will set you back 1000 pesos. 

The journey from Jagna in East Bohol to Panglao in West Bohol takes around 2 to 3 hours.

ferry 3Camiguin to Bohol ferry

white island camiguin, white beach camiguin, white island in camiguin, white island camiguin island, camiguin sandbar, white island camiguin entrance fee, camiguin tourist spotsCamiguin Island



Panglao Island has hundreds of accommodation options to choose from, so I have narrowed it down to a few of my personal favorite places to stay in Panglao Bohol to fit the needs of budget backpackers and luxury travelers.

See the list of accommodations below that I personally recommend:


Luxury: Donatela Hotel

Donatela Hotel is the best luxury accommodation in Panglao Island. Centrally located and close to beaches and other attractions on Panglao island. The hotel offers a private beach area, swimming pool, restaurant and pool bar. There is a garden villa, pool villa, family villa and honeymoon villa available at Donatela Hotel. The rooms are air-conditioned featuring a balcony, flat-screen tv, dining area, tea/coffee maker, mini-bar, private bathroom, bathtub and plunge pool. They can also help you to organise scuba diving, snorkeling and other activities in Bohol. Great for families, friends and couples.

Check prices on Agoda | Check prices on

1197215 17011815460050388305


Mid Range: Conrada’s Place Hotel & Resort

Conrada’s Place is located 450m from Alona Beach on Panglao Island and it’s close to shops, restaurants and other nearby attractions. The accommodation features an outdoor pool, restaurant, snorkeling activities and wellness spa. There are double rooms, deluxe rooms, family rooms and suites which have air-conditioning, free wifi and breakfast is included for all guests. Conrada can also help you book island hopping tours and other activities in Bohol. Great place to stay for families, friends and couples.

Check prices on Agoda 



Budget: Bohol Coco Farm

Bohol Coco Farm is rated the best budget accommodation for a solo traveler in Bohol. Enjoy a rustic experience with modern luxuries of free wifi and a restaurant. Great location close to beaches and other attractions. The rooms and fan-cooled with shared bathrooms and towels are included. There’s also a shared lounge with free coffee and a tour desk.

Check prices on Agoda | Check prices on





Luxury: Amun Ini Beach Resort & Spa

Amun Ini Beach Resort is the best 5-star accommodation nestled amongst palm trees in Anda. Featuring a private beach, swimming pool, restaurant and bar and ocean views! The rooms are air conditioned and fitted with a flat-screen tv, sitting area, mini-bar, en suite bathroom and balconies with sea views. Amun Ini offers free snorkeling and kayaking equipment and breakfast is also included for all guests. Recommended for couples, families and friends.

Check prices on Agoda | Check prices on

302976 14013115410018226765


Mid Range: Parklane Bohol Resort & Spa

I personally stayed at Parklane Resort & Spa and can’t recommend this place enough! The staff are overly friendly with a lot of useful information about Anda and Bohol, the hospitality was great, the food was excellent and the rooms were cosy. Great location in Anda just 10 minutes drive from town, this property offers beachfront accommodation, a private beach, 3 swimming pools, restaurant and bar and a wellness spa. There are double rooms, family rooms and deluxe suites available, each with a flat-screen tv, air conditioning, private bathroom, balcony with ocean views and coffee/tea making facilities. Best place to stay for families, couples and friends.

Check prices on Agoda Check prices on



Budget: Anda Divers Enjoy Garden Resort

The cheapest accommodation in Anda, perfect for solo travellers and friends. Anda Divers Enjoy Garden Resort features an in-house restaurant and bar, outdoor swimming pool and beautiful gardens. You can choose from a double room or deluxe double room which are spacious with air-conditioning, private bathrooms, free wifi and a seating area with a desk. Continental breakfast is included for all guests.

Check prices on

anda 2




Another great way to see all of the best Bohol tourist spots is to book a Bohol Countryside & Panglao Highlights Tour. 

This particular tour is the most top-rated tour in Bohol with hundreds of great reviews and thousands of bookings. I can’t recommend this amazing tour enough, especially for first-timers to Bohol!

You can Click Here to see what other travelers are saying about this tour!

The Bohol Tour includes the following:

  • Chocolate Hills
  • Bilar Manmade Forest
  • Bohol Tarsier Sanctuary
  • Loboc River Cruise with lunch
  • Hinagdanan Cave
  • Panglao Watchtower
  • & much more

Click Here to check availability and rates



The best way to get around Bohol DIY is to rent a scooter from one of the many scooter rental stores that can be found in Panglao. Scooter rentals are around 300 – 350 pesos per day and a full tank of gas costs approximately 200 pesos.

Alternatively, you can get around on the back of a habal-habal (motorbike taxi) or jump on board a tricycle. For a 20-minute drive in a tricycle or habal-habal, you can expect to pay around 100 – 150 pesos. Put your bartering skills to the test!


Have you got travel insurance for Philippines? I know that nobody likes to talk about this stuff but accidents can happen and having World Nomads Insurance can save you thousands of dollars if something goes wrong. 



The best time to visit Bohol, weather-wise, is between April and July when temperatures are hot and there is barely any rainfall. This is also high season in Bohol so expect to see many tourists during these months.

I recommend visiting Bohol on the shoulder months of the high season between November and March which sees a bit of rainfall but usually only lasts for a couple of hours and the rest of the day is sunny.

Try to avoid the monsoon season in Bohol which is between August and October.

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Another option for accommodation in Bohol is to stay at an Airbnb, which generally has some great deals.




One of the best books to take on your trip is the Lonely Planet Philippines Travel Guide!


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Do you have any questions about how to get to Bohol?

Join my Facebook Travel Tribe and send a message at any time for a quick response!





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So as you can see, there are plenty of ways of how to get to Bohol. The most popular and quite frankly, the more financially economical way of travel is on the ferry.

If you feel that I have missed something in this guide and have any questions about getting from Cebu to Bohol, please drop me a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as I can!

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